Obama and the 47%

Mittens stuck his dandy foot in his silver-spooned mouth. Apparently, he abhors and has no interest in the 47% percent of us that are free-loading leeches, as opposed to being job-creator supermen like, say, hedge fund managers. The problem is that if he writes off nearly half of the electorate, then not too many of the residual have to come to the realization that he is shallow, self-aggrandizing sleeze in order for him to be toast. And yes, Obamniacs, he’s toast. Go partay.

So what? Remember, Romney’s indiscretions were words. He said that the 47% are worthy of nothing more than organ harvesting. Hell, I’d say he even meant it. But how have Obama’s actions not indicated the same thing? That is, hasn’t Obama told us, over and again, to drop dead – not in words, but in deeds? And isn’t one of the first things we all learned in Sunday (or Saturday) School that deeds count more than mere words? And income inequality increased under Obama. So remember, before you gloat too much over Mitten’s sub-Nietzschean flub, that our hope-and-change man has achieved what that sorry pretender can merely talk about.


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