“I cannot eat as much, as I would like to puke”

All I can say is toldja so, toldja so, toldja so.  Obama’s justice department, under the always reliable guiding hand of Lanny Breuer, takes a pass on criminal prosecutions of HSBC executive for – you guessed it – actual criminal conduct.

As Matt Tabbi points out, this is a particular insult to those people, and millions of them there are, who have been ground down and even robbed in our War on Drugs. You and I get bound over to a prison-cum-rape camp, and all our worldly possessions are confiscated to boot, while multi-billion dollar drug money launderers get something called partially deferred compensation.

As Neil Barofsky points out, the “justice” meted out in this case – no criminal prosecutions, a civil fine amounting to a few weeks of earnings – is a green light to risky bank behavior, and inevitably a prelude to the next financial crash. Cue the Obamabots, blaming the next big one, which is guaranteed to come, on Bush.

The coup continues, and, astoundingly, the Obamabots don’t seem to care, or notice, or something. When will this nightmare end?


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