I hate him, I really hate him

Ran into an important post from blogger Gaius Publius that has quickly gotten some attention, including here, here and here. The gist is exposing the bipartisan nature of the Fix the Debt terrorists. What catches my eye, and activates my gag-or-cry reflex, is the “yes we can” video (aka, the dick riding video) from the heady days of ’08 embedded in the post. The existence of this video exemplifies why I feel a deep, personal aversion to Obama. The corny, sentimental sincerity of those paper-thin celebs in the video was a reflection of the corny, sentimental sincerity of millions of us real people, really struggling and really facing desolation and impotence, and ignorance, who really wanted this guy to be somebody that would work for us, somebody we could rely on and be proud of. Not somebody perfect, just somebody sensible and able, who gave enough of a damn to at the very least not cynically exploit us.

And what did we get? We got the bankster’s best friend, read-my-lips-“predator drones”, too big to fail Barack – who cynically exploited our trust and hope to deliver us, dormant and abused, to his sole and real constituency, the robber baron ownership class that is destroying us. I can forgive an enemy like Boehner, at least in a vague, Christian-charity way. What I can’t stomach, not for one moment longer, is an ingrate and turncoat. Boehner just makes one miffed, and perhaps a bit amused. Barack makes one feel duped – jilted, stupid. NSA and FBI, take note – I really really hate him.


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