Barack Obama is not the lesser of two evils.  He is the more effective of two evils. Like most of our vaunted institutions in this late-stage, end-game plutocracy that crushes us, the Obama phenomenon is a scam.

I started this blog, here at the run up to the election, to explain to friends and relations why I come out of the “I loathe Obama” closet. I started this blog not because I have any particularly incisive commentary on the hollowness and corruption of our reigning duopoly. For such commentary, I suggest following Naked Capitalism; eXiledonline.com; the recent writings of Matt Stoller; and, most especially, the Black Agenda Report.

I started this blog as a testament to the truth that there is another way. We may be powerless, and I’d argue that the power of working men and women to shape their own destinies is at a low ebb, but we still have our dignity. We don’t have to praise the hanging judge as the executioner leads us to the gallows. I’m just a regular guy, and one well within the Obamahead demographic, but the scales have fallen from my eyes.

I started this blog because I’m tired of explaining to friends and relations why the man who eliminated the right to habeas corpus is not a champion of freedom, or why a man anxious to effect a Grand Bargain with the Republicans on the budget is an enemy of people who work for a living. I’m tired of being expected to apologize.


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